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What is the Lunker Club?

The Lunker Club is proof that on your day of fishing one of the BBT events you brought to the scales a lunker, good o big'n, toad, pig, whatever you want to call your bass.  You caught it, we will show it off!

What Makes a Lunker Bass?
And how big does it have to be?

Largemouth = 7lb or bigger
Smallmouth - 5 lb or bigger
Spotted Bass - 5lb or bigger

2021 Lunker Club Leader


Carson Leber

Lunker Club
Lunker Club

A 11.87 lb. Slug

at Clear Lake

March 6, 2021


Event DateBody of WaterAnglerFish Weight
5/15/2021Clear LakeJeff C Hoopes7.88
5/15/2021Clear LakeTroy A Hornback7.87
5/15/2021PyramidAdam Gragg7.65
5/15/2021Clear LakeKorey Hall7.47
5/15/2021Clear LakeBill Talley7.23
5/1/2021DeltaJim La Rosa8.24
5/1/2021DeltaKyle B Santos8.21
5/1/2021DeltaJason R Minear7.40
5/1/2021DeltaKyle Wilson7.02
4/17/2021Clear LakeJoel Chin9.12
4/17/2021Lake NacimientoMatt J Greene8.63
4/10/2021McClureGraham M Leon7.82
4/3/2021DeltaJon S Rodgers11.26
4/3/2021DeltaRaul V Barajas10.04
4/3/2021DeltaMichael Buck9.48
4/3/2021DeltaClayton Eslick9.47
4/3/2021DeltaKeith D Hurney8.49
4/3/2021DeltaKenneth W Duthler8.38
4/3/2021DeltaMark Mendenhall7.93
4/3/2021DeltaJonathan M Ashcraft7.91
4/3/2021DeltaRobert F Evans7.83
4/3/2021DeltaLloyd Dassonville7.75
4/3/2021DeltaSteve D Rojas7.73
4/3/2021DeltaAdam Cartwright7.60
4/3/2021DeltaWyatt A Debusk7.50
4/3/2021DeltaShane Cunningham7.36
4/3/2021DeltaDavid Cole7.27
4/3/2021DeltaSean A Butler7.27
4/3/2021DeltaJim Wilson7.09
3/6/2021Clear LakeCarson Leber11.87
3/6/2021Clear LakeBritt R Penrose8.96
3/6/2021Clear LakeWestley Heintz8.13
3/6/2021Clear LakeJerod Adams7.71
3/6/2021Clear LakeDarren Smith7.46
3/6/2021Clear LakeKyle Ray7.27
3/6/2021Clear LakeWilliam J Wong7.13
3/6/2021Clear LakeSteve Hanak7.12
2/13/2021Lake McClureMike Caddick9.80
9/13/2020DeltaHunter B Jacobson9.96
9/13/2020DeltaNathan Ghilotti8.41
9/13/2020DeltaRafael Ortiz7.45
9/13/2020DeltaMark McCord7.11
9/12/2020DeltaJason Alves7.09
8/22/2020DeltaDale M Shirley7.72
8/15/2020Clear LakeMichael T Hardt7.42
8/15/2020Clear LakeDuane Rhodes7.37
8/15/2020Clear LakeJeff Hardin Sr7.30
8/15/2020Clear LakePeter W Jacobson7.20
8/15/2020Clear LakeJack D Simoni7.01
8/8/2020Delta SJGlenn Vargas10.66
8/8/2020Delta SJSteve D Rojas10.12
7/25/2020Clear LakeNathan Ghilotti8.24
7/25/2020Clear LakeFrank J Antonio Jr7.14
7/25/2020Clear LakeMichael A Moore7.05
7/18/2020Don PedroTroy Thomas7.54
6/27/2020DeltaSean P ORiordan8.24
2/22/2020BerryessaJoesph J Evans7.09
8/24/2019DeltaRyan M German7.75
8/24/2019DeltaBill Talley7.25
8/24/2019DeltaPatrick M Zapponi7.24
8/17/2019Clear LakeScott Silveira7.40
7/27/2019Clear LakePeter W Jacobson7.07
7/20/2019Clear LakeKevin K Moore9.94
7/20/2019Clear LakeSteven G Jensen7.76
7/20/2019Clear LakeBryan S Ehresman7.69
7/13/2019Santa MargaritaHyon An7.78
6/29/2019DeltaDenis C ORiordan8.71
6/29/2019DeltaJamie Lima7.92
6/29/2019DeltaJoseph Durling7.52
6/29/2019DeltaHunter B Jacobson7.08
6/22/2019Delta SJCasey Dunn8.09
6/8/2019Lake OrovilleScott C Mackenzie9.12
5/25/2019Clear LakePatrick M Zapponi9.13
5/25/2019Clear LakeDan Daniel8.45
5/25/2019Clear LakeMichael Tremont8.16
5/25/2019Clear LakeSteven M Koerber7.81
5/25/2019Clear LakeMike Krnaich7.57
5/25/2019Clear LakeJoseph D Schauer7.17
5/25/2019Clear LakeCurtis D Howard7.01
5/18/2019Lake Don PedroChristian Ostrander7.69
4/20/2019DeltaTroy Fleming9.79
4/20/2019DeltaJake Arbuckle9.23
4/20/2019DeltaRonald Vanairsdale8.05
4/20/2019DeltaWyatt W Harpain8.00
4/20/2019DeltaDenis C ORiordan7.68
4/20/2019DeltaChad Cloyd7.67
4/20/2019DeltaRobert J Knudsen Jr7.54
4/20/2019DeltaBret Smith7.43
4/20/2019DeltaRyan J Hall7.12
4/20/2019DeltaCary Caldwell7.08
4/13/2019Clear LakeDuane Rhodes10.32
4/13/2019Clear LakeAl Ossello Jr9.72
4/13/2019Clear LakeJake Stephens9.49
4/13/2019Clear LakeEric Castro9.37
4/13/2019Clear LakeChristian J Burns9.26
4/13/2019Clear LakeBeth Holmes8.38
4/13/2019Clear LakeDaniel A Segale7.57
4/13/2019Clear LakeGlenn R Sargent7.35
4/13/2019Clear LakeKip Whiteacre7.23
3/16/2019Lake CastaicDennis Rodriguez7.25
3/9/2019Lake LopezGeno K Lazzerini7.20
2/23/2019Lake BerryessaHerman Silva8.49
2/23/2019Lake BerryessaDonald W Johnson7.14
2/16/2019Lake PyramidCarson Odell7.58
2/9/2019Lake Don PedroJason Sanchez7.63
1/19/2019Lake Don PedroMatthew P Ludwig7.78
1/19/2019Lake Don PedroRonnie Heil7.10
8/25/2018DeltaTim Rodgers9.77
8/25/2018DeltaJim Vretzos8.00
8/18/2018Clear LakeKevin Ryan8.82
8/18/2018Clear LakeJason R Minear8.27
8/18/2018Clear LakeJason Alger7.76
7/28/2018Clear LakeBill Martin7.57
7/28/2018Clear LakeAnthony Crivelli7.57
7/21/2018Clear LakeBob T Dettling7.45
6/24/2018Delta SJKent M Simpson8.17
6/23/2018Delta SJCurt Rohrbach8.21
6/16/2018DeltaDustin Tacker7.20
6/9/2018Lake OrovilleTroy E Davenport Jr7.68
5/19/2018Clear LakeScott C Mackenzie7.01
5/12/2018Lake McClureKenny Warnock9.37
5/12/2018Lake Santa MargaritaMatt Clausen7.09
4/21/2018DeltaBill Talley8.19
4/21/2018DeltaTony Vaughn7.90
4/21/2018DeltaLarry Fraser7.70
4/14/2018Clear LakeMike Rothstein10.38
4/14/2018Clear LakeMichael Tremont8.71
4/14/2018Clear LakeEdward A Zinda Jr8.45
4/14/2018Clear LakeJoe H Leone8.24
4/14/2018Clear LakeRyan Habenicht7.92
4/14/2018Clear LakeTodd B Clark7.42
4/14/2018Clear LakeLuke R Lipanovich7.40
4/14/2018Clear LakeAaron Scott7.14
4/14/2018Clear LakeChristian J Burns7.14
4/14/2018Clear LakeBrandon L Cramer7.04
4/7/2018Lake San AntonioEddie Davidson7.43
3/18/2018New MelonesJeffrey R Horn7.81
3/17/2018New MelonesBill K Goodman10.04
3/17/2018New MelonesJune Andrews7.72
2/24/2018Lake BerryessaScott C Townsend7.11
2/17/2018Lake DonPedroRich A Hale10.85
10/8/2017Clear LakeSpencer Perry8.17
10/8/2017Clear LakeJackson G Bracisco7.90
10/8/2017Clear LakeTimothy T Liu7.82
10/8/2017Clear LakeRonald R Pine7.28
10/8/2017Clear LakeTroy Duke7.20
10/8/2017Clear LakeBryan Strombom7.15
10/8/2017Clear LakeSteve B Hoover7.07
10/7/2017Clear LakeSteve Thurmon7.89
10/7/2017Clear LakeSean Wayman7.67
10/7/2017Clear LakeBrian De Silva7.06
8/26/2017DeltaKevin Mead7.60
8/26/2017DeltaDylan Waldroop7.60
8/26/2017DeltaErick Benard Jr7.23
8/19/2017Clear LakeJared Clark7.46
7/29/2017Clear LakeJohn Kort11.84
7/29/2017Clear LakeChristian J Burns9.49
7/29/2017Clear LakeJason Hopper8.59
7/29/2017Clear LakeLuis Perez7.88
7/29/2017Clear LakeCory T Bangs7.58
7/29/2017Clear LakeJesse L Roach7.58
7/29/2017Clear LakeMike A Henry7.18
7/22/2017Clear LakeJacob Vasquez7.51
7/22/2017Clear LakeNicholas L Tourville7.35
7/8/2017Delta SJAlan L Clement8.18
6/17/2017DeltaJohn Garrett9.00
6/10/2017Don PedroKeith McGraw7.51
6/10/2017Don PedroMike Martinez7.42
5/20/2017Clear LakeHadyn Evans10.40
5/20/2017Clear LakeRon R Howe Jr10.16
5/20/2017Clear LakeKoji B Momono8.83
5/20/2017Clear LakeBrian C Welch8.56
5/20/2017Clear LakeJoe M Pomilia8.56
5/20/2017Clear LakeJohn D Laughlin8.37
5/20/2017Clear LakeScott C Caven7.83
5/20/2017Clear LakeJohn W Zinda7.80
5/20/2017Clear LakeKenneth Durling7.34
5/20/2017Clear LakeBret Price7.08
5/13/2017BerryessaRyan O'Shea7.66
5/13/2017BerryessaSteven P Costello7.13
5/13/2017BerryessaJason D Jones7.05
5/7/2017Delta SJKeith McGraw9.28
5/7/2017Delta SJRobert Riehl7.46
5/6/2017Delta SJDavid Valencia9.29
5/6/2017Delta SJMatthew Fisher8.78
5/6/2017Delta SJBrody Baker7.49
5/6/2017Delta SJRod Cree7.32
4/22/2017DeltaTony Vaughn9.49
4/22/2017DeltaJohn Kort8.99
4/22/2017DeltaKent M Simpson8.99
4/22/2017DeltaMichael Birch8.78
4/22/2017DeltaCody J Miller7.97
4/22/2017DeltaBrad Ford7.55
4/22/2017DeltaKoji B Momono7.37
4/22/2017DeltaMark Howard7.28
4/22/2017DeltaVenanzio Favalora7.00
4/15/2017Clear LakeJohn W Zinda10.73
4/15/2017Clear LakeLuis Perez8.88
4/15/2017Clear LakeTanner T Spohn8.68
4/15/2017Clear LakeKenneth Durling8.67
4/15/2017Clear LakeScott Chappell8.54
4/15/2017Clear LakeKevin K Moore8.22
4/15/2017Clear LakeSteve W Skaggs8.13
4/15/2017Clear LakeMike Caddick8.08
4/15/2017Clear LakeBlake Milligan8.00
4/15/2017Clear LakeThomas C Ostrand7.82
4/15/2017Clear LakeWilliam J Wong7.48
4/15/2017Clear LakeDaron C Cramer7.14
4/8/2017New MelonesAaron Cole8.29
4/8/2017New MelonesMark Fishburn8.26
4/8/2017New MelonesJared Roscelli7.27
3/18/2017Lake McClureMichael D Gaston11.21
3/18/2017Lake BerryessaSean Wayman7.60
3/18/2017Lake BerryessaPatrick M Zapponi7.51
2/18/2017Don PedroDoug Naruo7.94
1/14/2017Lake Don PedroBryan Cox7.86
10/9/2016DeltaJesse Hoover8.40
10/9/2016DeltaKhu Yang7.84
10/9/2016DeltaBryan Cox7.27
10/9/2016DeltaLa Xiong7.14
10/8/2016DeltaRon R Howe Jr8.55
10/8/2016DeltaDustin Tacker7.96
10/8/2016DeltaMatt S Hunt7.60
10/8/2016DeltaJamie R Clifton7.54
10/8/2016DeltaTroy Fleming7.34
8/27/2016Clear LakeKevin G Walker10.84
8/27/2016Clear LakeCraig Smith8.88
8/27/2016Clear LakeBob Transano8.01
8/27/2016Clear LakeJay Fragomeli7.59
8/27/2016Clear LakeAnthony Crivelli7.50
8/27/2016Clear LakeLance Evans7.49
8/27/2016Clear LakeKhu Yang7.36
8/27/2016Clear LakeEric J Stafford7.21
8/20/2016CA DeltaAaron Johnson9.21
8/20/2016CA DeltaJesse Groves8.53
8/20/2016CA DeltaSalvador Flores Sr8.25
8/20/2016CA DeltaJared Biddle8.20
8/20/2016CA DeltaScott Bern7.73
8/20/2016CA DeltaStacy J Gee7.21
8/20/2016CA DeltaMichael J Chen7.17
7/30/2016Clear LakeScott C Mackenzie11.37
7/30/2016Clear LakeMarvin Dixon10.83
7/30/2016Clear LakeTimothy R Rhyme10.07
7/30/2016Clear LakeChad Pearlson9.98
7/30/2016Clear LakePaul Dunlap9.89
7/30/2016Clear LakeChad A Matteri9.85
7/30/2016Clear LakeJohn Penman9.83
7/30/2016Clear LakeKhu Yang9.51
7/30/2016Clear LakeRon Rodgers9.47
7/30/2016Clear LakeFrank Pomilia9.44
7/30/2016Clear LakeChris A Beck8.95
7/30/2016Clear LakeVallen J Dempster8.50
7/30/2016Clear LakeKenny L Marthey8.36
7/30/2016Clear LakeBrian J Ortiz8.33
7/30/2016Clear LakeWilliam J Walker8.31
7/30/2016Clear LakeDale C Day8.31
7/30/2016Clear LakeThomas Vang8.27
7/30/2016Clear LakeJohn C Zillig Jr8.11
7/30/2016Clear LakeDante L Ray8.08
7/30/2016Clear LakeScott C Townsend8.07
7/30/2016Clear LakeRichard A Hamilton8.01
7/30/2016Clear LakeKevin Ward8.01
7/30/2016Clear LakeHadyn Evans8.00
7/30/2016Clear LakeJamie Lima7.87
7/30/2016Clear LakeAnthony Crivelli7.77
7/30/2016Clear LakeJonas Alger7.73
7/30/2016Clear LakeTodd B Clark7.57
7/30/2016Clear LakeGlenn R Sargent7.46
7/30/2016Clear LakeGilbert Ehresman7.44
7/30/2016Clear LakeJesse M Roach7.27
7/30/2016Clear LakeShane E Robertson7.04
7/30/2016Clear LakeBob Transano7.03
7/23/2016Clear LakeCory T Bangs8.78
7/23/2016Clear LakeJimmy M Kuroki8.48
7/23/2016Clear LakeRonald R Pine8.46
7/23/2016Clear LakeThomas A Dean8.27
7/23/2016Clear LakeRobert Heckman7.99
7/23/2016Clear LakeCraig Smith7.98
7/23/2016Clear LakeMike Caddick7.75
7/23/2016Clear LakeAaron Scott7.51
7/23/2016Clear LakeJay Burns7.49
7/23/2016Clear LakeMarvin Dixon7.48
7/23/2016Clear LakeGreg R Vazquez7.38
7/23/2016Clear LakeDustin D Keen7.30
7/23/2016Clear LakeRicky G Brown Jr7.21
7/23/2016Clear LakeThomas Vang7.16
7/23/2016Clear LakeJason Alger7.13
7/23/2016Clear LakeKasey A Rhyme7.07
7/23/2016Clear LakeLee Yang7.04
7/23/2016Clear LakeSeth Bowman7.03
6/26/2016CA. DeltaMichael Odonnell10.50
6/26/2016CA. DeltaKenny Warnock10.38
6/26/2016CA DeltaBrian Orange8.00
6/26/2016CA DeltaArmand Perez7.26
6/26/2016CA DeltaAnthony S Thomas7.24
6/25/2016CA DeltaBrandon M Lum7.81
6/25/2016CA DeltaMichael T Rogers7.76
6/25/2016CA DeltaKevin Nunes7.42
6/25/2016CA DeltaSean M Dryden7.36
6/18/2016CA DeltaBob Mcnabb9.42
6/18/2016CA DeltaLori Birch8.97
6/18/2016CA DeltaDustin Tacker8.89
6/18/2016CA DeltaKody G Cramer8.73
6/18/2016CA DeltaMichael T Rogers8.46
6/18/2016CA DeltaMartino H Adra8.13
6/18/2016CA DeltaBrian S Motheral8.08
6/18/2016CA DeltaMark Lucas7.84
6/18/2016CA DeltaSeth Bowman7.06
5/21/2016Lake Clear LakeThomas A Dean8.88
5/21/2016Clear LakeTimothy R Rhyme8.15
5/21/2016Lake Clear LakeSteve Thurmon7.60
5/21/2016Clear LakeChad A Matteri7.58
5/21/2016Clear LakeJohn Flynn7.18
5/21/2016Clear LakeSteven P Costello7.08
5/14/2016Lake Don PedroMichael P Soriano9.54
5/14/2016Lake Don PedroBrian Orange9.10
5/14/2016Clear LakeMichael Odonnell8.57
5/14/2016Clear LakeRon R Howe Jr7.57
5/14/2016Lake Don PedroRuss Pierson7.49
4/23/2016CA DeltaRon Barksdale10.71
4/23/2016CA DeltaKhu Yang10.15
4/23/2016CA DeltaScott Hellesen8.10
4/23/2016CA DeltaSean P ORiordan7.72
4/23/2016CA DeltaJim La Rosa7.44
4/23/2016CA DeltaMichael Birch7.22
4/23/2016CA DeltaKeith McGraw7.12
4/16/2016CA DeltaKevin Ryan9.32
4/16/2016CA DeltaChristopher R Lapoint7.86
4/16/2016CA DeltaZach Richard7.67
4/16/2016CA DeltaRobert O Kirschner7.64
4/16/2016CA DeltaEd Ortman7.62
4/16/2016CA DeltaEd D Stinnett7.61
4/16/2016CA DeltaJared Clark7.11
4/16/2016CA DeltaErik B Hornbaker7.10
3/19/2016Lake McClureJohn R Phillips8.19
3/19/2016Lake BerryessaKhu Yang7.21
3/12/2016Lake Don PedroRalph Encizo8.60
3/12/2016Lake BerryessaGary Huhtala7.75
3/12/2016Lake Don PedroChristian E Hambrecht7.07
3/12/2016Lake BerryessaJimmy Johnson7.05
1/23/2016Lake Don PerdoBill Vernon7.31
10/11/2015Clear LakeRobert J Knudsen Jr8.60
10/11/2015Clear LakeJustin T Bolen8.29
10/11/2015Clear LakeDanny Conatser7.89
10/11/2015Clear LakeAustin Wilson7.62
10/11/2015Clear LakeRonald R Pine7.60
10/11/2015Clear LakeRobert Mansor7.54
10/11/2015Clear LakeRod Burns7.40
10/11/2015Clear LakeClaudio M Silva Jr7.07
10/11/2015Clear LakePete A Rodriguez7.05
10/11/2015Clear LakeJeff Hardin Jr7.01
10/10/2015Clear LakeRobert O Kirschner8.38
10/10/2015Clear LakeEd Ortman8.36
10/10/2015Clear LakeBrian L Henry8.04
10/10/2015Clear LakeMark McCord7.58
10/10/2015Clear LakePatrick A Mateo7.40
10/10/2015Clear LakeJeff Hardin Sr7.25
10/10/2015Clear LakeMeade Hedricks7.05
8/29/2015Clear LakeTravis Bounds8.31
8/29/2015Clear LakeRob J Ohnmacht7.82
8/29/2015Clear LakeDavid Pham7.76
8/29/2015Clear LakeBill Talley7.32
8/29/2015Clear LakeJohn Bounds7.11
8/29/2015Clear LakeAnthony Crivelli7.08
8/15/2015DeltaBob Mcnabb8.77
8/15/2015DeltaMedley King7.95
8/15/2015DeltaJustin A Misenhimer7.78
7/25/2015Clear LakeTodd B Clark8.74
7/25/2015Clear LakeAlec R Pitts8.39
7/18/2015Clear LakeMario A Saucedo11.13
7/18/2015Clear LakeBrian De Silva7.74
7/18/2015Clear LakeJordan D Haley7.20
7/18/2015Clear LakeChad A Matteri7.17
6/27/2015Lake OrovilleMark McCord8.38
6/20/2015DeltaJason Hopper9.54
6/20/2015DeltaAustin Wilson8.59
6/20/2015DeltaEd Christo8.55
6/20/2015DeltaLarry Hutton7.84
6/20/2015DeltaKasey A Rhyme7.53
6/20/2015DeltaJohn Garrett7.51
6/13/2015DeltaJames K Wardell9.59
6/13/2015DeltaLarry Hutton7.89
6/13/2015DeltaJesse Hoover7.76
6/13/2015DeltaJeff Hobbs7.15
5/30/2015Clear LakeMatthew S Ancell8.47
5/30/2015Clear LakeEric Boyd8.47
5/30/2015Clear LakeMatt Dal Porto7.62
5/30/2015Clear LakeJim Malm7.07
5/16/2015Lake BerryessaJamie R Clifton9.28
5/16/2015Lake BerryessaJason Hopper7.90
5/16/2015Lake BerryessaBob G Tyler7.49
5/16/2015Lake Don PedroFrank Hartle7.01
4/18/2015DeltaSteve Budelli11.71
4/18/2015DeltaTroy Fleming9.51
4/18/2015DeltaMedley King8.63
4/18/2015Lake Don PedroRalph Encizo8.46
4/18/2015DeltaRob Rollins8.40
4/18/2015DeltaJohn Garrett8.15
4/18/2015Lake Don PedroWalt Austin8.10
4/18/2015DeltaGrant Koontz8.02
4/18/2015DeltaEd Ortman7.69
4/18/2015DeltaTimothy R Rhyme7.60
4/18/2015DeltaJustin Arellano7.35
4/18/2015DeltaMarcus A Paden7.13
4/18/2015DeltaGreg Sallee7.09
4/18/2015DeltaJames K Wardell7.09
4/18/2015DeltaJason M Vigil7.04
4/18/2015DeltaRon R Howe Jr7.01
3/21/2015Clear LakeChristopher R Lapoint10.27
3/21/2015Clear LakeJared Biddle9.94
3/21/2015Clear LakeRon R Howe Jr9.40
3/21/2015Clear LakeDustin Wilder9.22
3/21/2015Clear LakeMark Casey8.73
3/21/2015Clear LakeKyle Shasteen8.62
3/21/2015Clear LakeEric J Stafford8.57
3/21/2015Clear LakeDavid Pearl8.29
3/21/2015Clear LakeScott Gery7.92
3/21/2015Clear LakeKasey A Rhyme7.89
3/21/2015Clear LakeSteve B Hoover7.88
3/21/2015Clear LakeLarry Hutton7.62
3/21/2015Clear LakeAaron Wood7.15
3/14/2015Lake New MelonesSteve Sepulveda11.51
3/14/2015Lake New MelonesRon Ingram10.46
3/14/2015Lake BerryessaBrad Ford10.30
3/14/2015Lake New MelonesMike S Sanders9.11
3/14/2015Lake BerryessaMike Rheuby8.75
3/14/2015Lake New MelonesDavid Homen8.59
3/14/2015Lake BerryessaRich Nacarelli8.58
3/14/2015Lake BerryessaMike Angel8.02
3/14/2015Lake BerryessaTroy Deguchi7.94
3/14/2015Lake BerryessaJosh M Paxton7.27
3/14/2015Lake BerryessaJason M Vigil7.20
3/14/2015Lake BerryessaMichael German7.06
2/14/2015New MelonesCorey Lewis10.31
2/14/2015New MelonesAndrew Stilley10.09
2/14/2015New MelonesScott Summers8.45
2/7/2015Lake LopezMitch P Wasley9.10
2/7/2015Lake LopezDanny Conatser7.28
10/12/2014DeltaChristopher Nordtvedt10.25
10/12/2014DeltaChris A Lienau8.18
10/11/2014DeltaJohn Rossi8.36
10/11/2014DeltaBob Transano8.26
10/11/2014DeltaClaudio M Silva Jr8.11
10/11/2014DeltaMichael Birch7.54
10/11/2014DeltaObedie Williams7.52
10/11/2014DeltaJeff A Czapla7.43
10/11/2014DeltaMatt Clausen7.41
10/11/2014DeltaMarcus R Werner7.32
8/16/2014DeltaCameron V Cardoza8.44
8/16/2014DeltaVijay Malhotra7.59
8/16/2014DeltaMike Hamontree7.13
8/9/2014Lake OrovilleJames K Wardell7.74
7/26/2014Clear LakeJason R Wigginton8.43
7/26/2014Clear LakeKevin Ward7.77
7/26/2014Clear LakeMike W Chen7.71
7/26/2014Clear LakeMatt Leverich7.17
7/19/2014Clear LakeJason R Wigginton7.38
7/19/2014Clear LakeJosh Kaneko7.31
6/28/2014DeltaJason Hopper10.39
6/28/2014DeltaBrian L Henry9.18
6/28/2014DeltaBill Talley8.84
6/28/2014DeltaKasey A Rhyme8.80
6/28/2014DeltaKevin Ryan8.68
6/28/2014DeltaJim Griffin8.12
6/28/2014DeltaJerry G Autry8.03
6/28/2014DeltaRobert L Cloutier7.60
6/28/2014DeltaBronson Collins7.53
6/28/2014DeltaClaudio M Silva Jr7.42
6/28/2014DeltaJason D Jones7.32
6/28/2014DeltaSteve Mirante7.32
6/8/2014DeltaClint Groenewold7.19
5/31/2014Clear LakeJason R Wigginton7.40
5/17/2014Lake Don PedroRobert Mansor10.92
5/17/2014Lake Don PedroSteve Melander9.62
5/17/2014Lake Don PedroRon R Howe Jr9.39
5/17/2014Lake BerryessaClaudio M Silva Jr8.93
5/17/2014Lake Don PedroRobert O Kirschner8.67
5/17/2014Lake BerryessaBrent Zieska8.10
5/17/2014Lake BerryessaJoseph Durling7.74
5/17/2014Lake BerryessaChristopher Nordtvedt7.61
5/3/2014Lake Don PedroScott Parsons12.94
5/3/2014Lake Don PedroEd Armbrister8.77
4/19/2014DeltaAdam Mc Andrews8.66
4/19/2014DeltaMichael Birch8.57
4/19/2014DeltaKasey A Rhyme8.42
4/19/2014DeltaTom M Fischer8.11
4/19/2014DeltaClaudio M Silva Jr7.93
4/19/2014DeltaJustin Steelman7.57
4/19/2014DeltaJustin A Misenhimer7.53
4/19/2014DeltaBrian De Silva7.53
4/19/2014DeltaTimothy R Rhyme7.46
4/19/2014DeltaRyan A Bottini7.41
4/19/2014DeltaTony Vaughn7.34
4/19/2014DeltaDustin D Keen7.33
4/19/2014DeltaCody Remick7.00
4/12/2014Lake OrovilleJames W Rodgers11.42
4/12/2014Lake OrovilleSteve Thurmon7.43
4/5/2014Lake Don PedroRobert L Muraco7.46
4/5/2014Lake Santa MargaritaTroy Tidwell7.05
3/29/2014Lake Clear LakeCraig Smith8.40
3/29/2014Lake Clear LakeJared Biddle8.37
3/29/2014Lake Clear LakeClaudio M Silva Jr8.06
3/29/2014Lake Clear LakeDustin D Keen7.28
3/15/2014Lake BerryessaZach Richard8.36
3/15/2014Lake BerryessaSteve E Mazzei7.82
3/15/2014Lake BerryessaRonald Rushing7.38
3/15/2014Lake BerryessaTim Masters7.13
3/15/2014Lake BerryessaTony W Gillotte7.03
3/8/2014New MelonesRich Ingram10.90
3/8/2014Lake Santa MargaritaAustin Bonjour8.82
3/8/2014New MelonesGreg Martinez7.51
3/1/2014Lake Pine FlatJustin Barton9.07
2/8/2014Lake McClureScott C Smith10.21
2/8/2014Lake LopezDustin Selck8.09
8/17/2013DeltaShawn R Taylor7.31
8/10/2013Lake OrovilleRon R Howe Jr7.54
7/27/2013Clear LakeDan Sweat7.62
7/27/2013Clear LakeMatthew S Clark7.25
7/27/2013Clear LakeMike A Henry7.20
7/27/2013Clear LakeDustin Tacker7.00
7/20/2013Clear LakeKenneth Durling7.61
7/20/2013Clear LakeRon Stover7.18
6/15/2013DeltaMark Casey8.44
6/15/2013DeltaDustin D Keen8.21
6/15/2013DeltaLeonel Brown8.17
6/8/2013DeltaDennis J Murphy Jr7.61
6/8/2013DeltaMike Delnero7.58
6/8/2013DeltaChris Chung7.45
5/18/2013Clear LakeJesse L Roach7.27
5/18/2013Clear LakeJoe Alanis7.23
5/11/2013Lake McClureGarrett Maddex8.24
5/4/2013Clear LakeAaron Britt9.45
5/4/2013Clear LakeRon R Howe Jr8.80
5/4/2013Clear LakeJohn Penman8.52
5/4/2013Clear LakeWeston Vlasache8.42
5/4/2013Clear LakeJesse L Roach8.38
5/4/2013Clear LakeAnthony Crivelli8.24
5/4/2013Clear LakeChriss K Cabodi7.92
5/4/2013Clear LakeBarb Smith7.64
5/4/2013Clear LakeRich Reeser Jr7.29
5/4/2013Clear LakeJared Biddle7.29
5/4/2013Clear LakeMike Park7.05
4/20/2013Lake Santa MargaritaJason D Martin12.28
4/20/2013Lake Santa MargaritaRobert Merino10.78
4/20/2013DeltaAlan D Frese7.83
4/20/2013DeltaLisa A Moore7.38
4/20/2013DeltaDavid Pearl7.36
4/20/2013DeltaTimothy T Liu7.07
4/13/2013Lake Don PedroTom Fishburn9.33
4/13/2013Lake OrovilleAaron Britt8.91
4/13/2013Lake Don PedroWade Chapman8.21
4/13/2013Lake Don PedroJoey A Verna Jr7.20
4/6/2013Lake Don PedroBrian Orange7.38
3/23/2013Lake BerryessaRobert Thornton7.72
3/16/2013Lake Don PedroMatt Frazier8.82
3/16/2013Lake Don PedroDavid Homen8.07
3/16/2013Lake Don PedroRobert Mansor7.79
2/23/2013Lake BerryessaDan Sweat7.47
2/9/2013Lake McClureKenny Shepherd7.83
1/26/2013Lake McClureRobert Mansor5.21
10/14/2012Clear LakeRobert T Travis8.54
10/14/2012Clear LakeBrittyn Wiggins7.60
10/14/2012Clear LakeRyan M German7.23
10/14/2012Clear LakeGerry Johnson7.19
10/13/2012Clear LakeDennis Wainwright8.20
8/18/2012DeltaRon Selk8.45
8/18/2012DeltaJeff Asturias8.00
8/18/2012DeltaGary F Svatek7.05
7/28/2012Clear LakeBobby Larson9.15
7/28/2012Clear LakeAlex Vlasache7.03
7/28/2012Clear LakeCraig Smith7.00
7/21/2012Clear LakeJeff Hardin Sr8.14
7/7/2012DeltaShawn R Taylor10.23
7/7/2012DeltaScott Burke8.21
7/7/2012DeltaTerry Flowers7.53
7/7/2012DeltaJon Dougherty7.47
6/16/2012McClureTerry M Matthews9.81
6/16/2012DeltaRonald R Pine7.28
6/16/2012DeltaKent W Hudson7.03
5/19/2012Santa MargaritaMike D Garza11.61
5/19/2012Don PedroTerry Odom10.25
5/19/2012Santa MargaritaJason Ballew10.15
5/19/2012Don PedroDon Hendrix8.41
5/12/2012Clear LakeTimothy R Rhyme9.20
5/12/2012Clear LakeJerimiah M Valador7.97
5/12/2012Clear LakeJake Arbuckle7.86
5/12/2012Clear LakeJason M Vigil7.17
5/12/2012Clear LakeTim Little7.16
5/12/2012Clear LakeCraig Smith7.08
5/5/2012Clear LakeTom W Richards7.84
4/21/2012Don PedroMike Ploharz12.95
4/21/2012Don PedroGreg S Cox12.65
4/21/2012Don PedroGarrett Maddex8.45
4/21/2012Don PedroMatt Lindsey8.17
4/21/2012Don PedroMatt Frazier7.80
4/21/2012Don PedroAndy Logan7.49
4/21/2012Don PedroScott Summers7.08
4/14/2012DeltaSteve Wilson12.01
4/14/2012DeltaScott D Norton11.98
4/14/2012DeltaMatt J Latino9.92
4/14/2012DeltaJames F Matsuoka9.80
4/14/2012DeltaJohn Garrett9.58
4/14/2012DeltaRon S Crostwaite9.18
4/14/2012DeltaCasey Dunn8.55
4/14/2012DeltaJohn Rector8.49
4/14/2012DeltaRonald Rushing8.08
4/14/2012DeltaKevin Ryan8.01
4/14/2012DeltaJohn B Loverin7.63
4/14/2012DeltaClaudio M Silva Jr7.05
4/14/2012DeltaKasey A Rhyme7.01
4/7/2012OrovilleMatt Martin8.51
3/31/2012Santa MargaritaJim Spillers7.98
3/31/2012Santa MargaritaJaime Gutierrez7.85
3/24/2012BerryessaKonrad L Rupp8.15
3/24/2012BerryessaJason M Vigil7.34
3/24/2012BerryessaHerb Peoples5.44
3/10/2012Pine FlatBrian Orange5.17