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What is the Lunker Club?

The Lunker Club is proof that on your day of fishing one of the BBT events you brought to the scales a lunker, good o big'n, toad, pig, whatever you want to call your bass.  You caught it, we will show it off!

What Makes a Lunker Bass?
And how big does it have to be?

Largemouth = 7lb or bigger
Smallmouth - 5 lb or bigger
Spotted Bass - 5lb or bigger

2019 Lunker Club Leader


Duane Rhodes

Lunker Club
Lunker Club

10.32 lbs. Big Bass

Big Fish were on at Clear Lake

 on April 13, 2019.


Event DateBody of WaterAnglerFish Weight
8/24/2019DeltaPatrick M Zapponi7.24
7/27/2019Clear LakePeter W Jacobson7.07
7/20/2019Clear LakeKevin K Moore9.94
7/13/2019Santa MargaritaHyon An7.78
6/29/2019DeltaDenis C ORiordan8.71
6/29/2019DeltaJamie Lima7.92
6/29/2019DeltaJoseph Durling7.52
6/29/2019DeltaHunter B Jacobson7.08
6/22/2019Delta SJCasey Dunn8.09
6/8/2019Lake OrovilleScott C Mackenzie9.12
5/25/2019Clear LakePatrick M Zapponi9.13
5/25/2019Clear LakeDan Daniel8.45
5/25/2019Clear LakeMichael Tremont8.16
5/25/2019Clear LakeSteven M Koerber7.81
5/25/2019Clear LakeMike Krnaich7.57
5/25/2019Clear LakeJoseph D Schauer7.17
5/25/2019Clear LakeCurtis D Howard7.01
5/18/2019Lake Don PedroChristian Ostrander7.69
4/20/2019DeltaTroy Fleming9.79
4/20/2019DeltaJake Arbuckle9.23
4/20/2019DeltaRonald Vanairsdale8.05
4/20/2019DeltaWyatt W Harpain8.00
4/20/2019DeltaDenis C ORiordan7.68
4/20/2019DeltaChad Cloyd7.67
4/20/2019DeltaRobert J Knudsen Jr7.54
4/20/2019DeltaBret Smith7.43
4/20/2019DeltaRyan J Hall7.12
4/20/2019DeltaCary Caldwell7.08
4/13/2019Clear LakeDuane Rhodes10.32
4/13/2019Clear LakeAl Ossello Jr9.72
4/13/2019Clear LakeJake Stephens9.49
4/13/2019Clear LakeEric Castro9.37
4/13/2019Clear LakeChristian J Burns9.26
4/13/2019Clear LakeBeth Holmes8.38
4/13/2019Clear LakeDaniel A Segale7.57
4/13/2019Clear LakeGlenn R Sargent7.35
4/13/2019Clear LakeKip Whiteacre7.23
3/16/2019Lake CastaicDennis Rodriguez7.25
3/9/2019Lake LopezGeno K Lazzerini7.20
2/23/2019Lake BerryessaHerman Silva8.49
2/23/2019Lake BerryessaDonald W Johnson7.14
2/16/2019Lake PyramidCarson Odell7.58
2/9/2019Lake Don PedroJason Sanchez7.63
1/19/2019Lake Don PedroMatthew P Ludwig7.78
1/19/2019Lake Don PedroRonnie Heil7.10
8/25/2018DeltaTim Rodgers9.77
8/25/2018DeltaJim Vretzos8.00
8/18/2018Clear LakeKevin Ryan8.82
8/18/2018Clear LakeJason R Minear8.27
8/18/2018Clear LakeJason Alger7.76
7/28/2018Clear LakeBill Martin7.57
7/28/2018Clear LakeAnthony Crivelli7.57
6/24/2018Delta SJKent M Simpson8.17
6/23/2018Delta SJCurt Rohrbach8.21
6/16/2018DeltaDustin Tacker7.20
6/9/2018Lake OrovilleTroy E Davenport Jr7.68
5/19/2018Clear LakeScott C Mackenzie7.01
5/12/2018Lake McClureKenny Warnock9.37
5/12/2018Lake Santa MargaritaMatt Clausen7.09
4/21/2018DeltaBill Talley8.19
4/21/2018DeltaLarry Fraser7.70
4/14/2018Clear LakeMike Rothstein10.38
4/14/2018Clear LakeMichael Tremont8.71
4/14/2018Clear LakeEdward A Zinda Jr8.45
4/14/2018Clear LakeJoe H Leone8.24
4/14/2018Clear LakeRyan Habenicht7.92
4/14/2018Clear LakeTodd B Clark7.42
4/14/2018Clear LakeLuke R Lipanovich7.40
4/14/2018Clear LakeAaron Scott7.14
4/14/2018Clear LakeChristian J Burns7.14
4/14/2018Clear LakeBrandon L Cramer7.04
4/7/2018Lake San AntonioEddie Davidson7.43
3/18/2018New MelonesJeffrey R Horn7.81
3/17/2018New MelonesBill K Goodman10.04
3/17/2018New MelonesJune Andrews7.72
2/24/2018Lake BerryessaScott C Townsend7.11
2/17/2018Lake DonPedroRich A Hale10.85
10/8/2017Clear LakeSpencer Perry8.17
10/8/2017Clear LakeJackson G Bracisco7.90
10/8/2017Clear LakeTimothy T Liu7.82
10/8/2017Clear LakeRonald R Pine7.28
10/8/2017Clear LakeTroy Duke7.20
10/8/2017Clear LakeBryan Strombom7.15
10/8/2017Clear LakeSteve B Hoover7.07
10/7/2017Clear LakeSteve Thurmon7.89
10/7/2017Clear LakeSean Wayman7.67
10/7/2017Clear LakeBrian De Silva7.06
8/26/2017DeltaKevin Mead7.60
8/26/2017DeltaDylan Waldroop7.60
8/26/2017DeltaErick Benard Jr7.23
8/19/2017Clear LakeJared Clark7.46
7/29/2017Clear LakeJohn Kort11.84
7/29/2017Clear LakeChristian J Burns9.49
7/29/2017Clear LakeJason Hopper8.59
7/29/2017Clear LakeLuis Perez7.88
7/29/2017Clear LakeCory T Bangs7.58
7/29/2017Clear LakeJesse L Roach7.58
7/29/2017Clear LakeMike A Henry7.18
7/22/2017Clear LakeJacob Vasquez7.51
7/22/2017Clear LakeNicholas L Tourville7.35
7/8/2017Delta SJAlan L Clement8.18
6/17/2017DeltaJohn Garrett9.00
6/10/2017Don PedroKeith McGraw7.51
6/10/2017Don PedroMike Martinez7.42
5/20/2017Clear LakeHadyn Evans10.40
5/20/2017Clear LakeRon R Howe Jr10.16
5/20/2017Clear LakeKoji B Momono8.83
5/20/2017Clear LakeBrian C Welch8.56
5/20/2017Clear LakeJoe M Pomilia8.56
5/20/2017Clear LakeJohn D Laughlin8.37
5/20/2017Clear LakeScott C Caven7.83
5/20/2017Clear LakeJohn W Zinda7.80
5/20/2017Clear LakeKenneth Durling7.34
5/20/2017Clear LakeBret Price7.08
5/13/2017BerryessaRyan O'Shea7.66
5/13/2017BerryessaSteven P Costello7.13
5/13/2017BerryessaJason Jones7.05
5/7/2017Delta SJKeith McGraw9.28
5/7/2017Delta SJRobert Riehl7.46
5/6/2017Delta SJDavid Valencia9.29
5/6/2017Delta SJMatthew Fisher8.78
5/6/2017Delta SJBrody Baker7.49
5/6/2017Delta SJRod Cree7.32
4/22/2017DeltaTony Vaughn9.49
4/22/2017DeltaJohn Kort8.99
4/22/2017DeltaKent M Simpson8.99
4/22/2017DeltaMichael Birch8.78
4/22/2017DeltaCody J Miller7.97
4/22/2017DeltaBrad Ford7.55
4/22/2017DeltaKoji B Momono7.37
4/22/2017DeltaMark Howard7.28
4/22/2017DeltaVenanzio Favalora7.00
4/15/2017Clear LakeJohn W Zinda10.73
4/15/2017Clear LakeLuis Perez8.88
4/15/2017Clear LakeTanner T Spohn8.68
4/15/2017Clear LakeKenneth Durling8.67
4/15/2017Clear LakeScott Chappell8.54
4/15/2017Clear LakeKevin K Moore8.22
4/15/2017Clear LakeSteve W Skaggs8.13
4/15/2017Clear LakeMike Caddick8.08
4/15/2017Clear LakeBlake Milligan8.00
4/15/2017Clear LakeThomas C Ostrand7.82
4/15/2017Clear LakeWilliam J Wong7.48
4/15/2017Clear LakeDaron C Cramer7.14
4/8/2017New MelonesAaron Cole8.29
4/8/2017New MelonesMark Fishburn8.26
4/8/2017New MelonesJared Roscelli7.27
3/18/2017Lake McClureMichael D Gaston11.21
3/18/2017Lake BerryessaSean Wayman7.60
3/18/2017Lake BerryessaPatrick M Zapponi7.51
2/18/2017Don PedroDoug Naruo7.94
1/14/2017Lake Don PedroBryan Cox7.86
10/9/2016DeltaJesse Hoover8.40
10/9/2016DeltaKhu Yang7.84
10/9/2016DeltaBryan Cox7.27
10/9/2016DeltaLa Xiong7.14
10/8/2016DeltaRon R Howe Jr8.55
10/8/2016DeltaDustin Tacker7.96
10/8/2016DeltaMatt S Hunt7.60
10/8/2016DeltaJamie R Clifton7.54
10/8/2016DeltaTroy Fleming7.34
8/27/2016Clear LakeKevin G Walker10.84
8/27/2016Clear LakeCraig Smith8.88
8/27/2016Clear LakeBob Transano8.01
8/27/2016Clear LakeJay Fragomeli7.59
8/27/2016Clear LakeAnthony Crivelli7.50
8/27/2016Clear LakeLance Evans7.49
8/27/2016Clear LakeKhu Yang7.36
8/27/2016Clear LakeEric J Stafford7.21
8/20/2016CA DeltaAaron Johnson9.21
8/20/2016CA DeltaJesse Groves8.53
8/20/2016CA DeltaSalvador Flores Sr8.25
8/20/2016CA DeltaJared Biddle8.20
8/20/2016CA DeltaScott Bern7.73
8/20/2016CA DeltaStacy J Gee7.21
8/20/2016CA DeltaMichael J Chen7.17
7/30/2016Clear LakeScott C Mackenzie11.37
7/30/2016Clear LakeMarvin Dixon10.83
7/30/2016Clear LakeTimothy R Rhyme10.07
7/30/2016Clear LakeChad Pearlson9.98
7/30/2016Clear LakePaul Dunlap9.89
7/30/2016Clear LakeChad A Matteri9.85
7/30/2016Clear LakeJohn Penman9.83
7/30/2016Clear LakeKhu Yang9.51
7/30/2016Clear LakeRon Rodgers9.47
7/30/2016Clear LakeFrank Pomilia9.44
7/30/2016Clear LakeChris A Beck8.95
7/30/2016Clear LakeVallen J Dempster8.50
7/30/2016Clear LakeKenny L Marthey8.36
7/30/2016Clear LakeBrian J Ortiz8.33
7/30/2016Clear LakeWilliam J Walker8.31
7/30/2016Clear LakeDale C Day8.31
7/30/2016Clear LakeThomas Vang8.27
7/30/2016Clear LakeJohn C Zillig Jr8.11
7/30/2016Clear LakeDante L Ray8.08
7/30/2016Clear LakeScott C Townsend8.07
7/30/2016Clear LakeRichard A Hamilton8.01
7/30/2016Clear LakeKevin Ward8.01
7/30/2016Clear LakeHadyn Evans8.00
7/30/2016Clear LakeJamie Lima7.87
7/30/2016Clear LakeAnthony Crivelli7.77
7/30/2016Clear LakeJonas Alger7.73
7/30/2016Clear LakeTodd B Clark7.57
7/30/2016Clear LakeGlenn R Sargent7.46
7/30/2016Clear LakeGilbert Ehresman7.44
7/30/2016Clear LakeJesse M Roach7.27
7/30/2016Clear LakeShane E Robertson7.04
7/30/2016Clear LakeBob Transano7.03
7/23/2016Clear LakeCory T Bangs8.78
7/23/2016Clear LakeJimmy M Kuroki8.48
7/23/2016Clear LakeRonald R Pine8.46
7/23/2016Clear LakeThomas A Dean8.27
7/23/2016Clear LakeRobert Heckman7.99
7/23/2016Clear LakeCraig Smith7.98
7/23/2016Clear LakeMike Caddick7.75
7/23/2016Clear LakeAaron Scott7.51
7/23/2016Clear LakeJay Burns7.49
7/23/2016Clear LakeMarvin Dixon7.48
7/23/2016Clear LakeGreg R Vazquez7.38
7/23/2016Clear LakeDustin D Keen7.30
7/23/2016Clear LakeRicky G Brown Jr7.21
7/23/2016Clear LakeThomas Vang7.16
7/23/2016Clear LakeJason Alger7.13
7/23/2016Clear LakeKasey A Rhyme7.07
7/23/2016Clear LakeLee Yang7.04
7/23/2016Clear LakeSeth Bowman7.03
6/26/2016CA. DeltaMichael Odonnell10.50
6/26/2016CA. DeltaKenny Warnock10.38
6/26/2016CA DeltaBrian Orange8.00
6/26/2016CA DeltaArmand Perez7.26
6/26/2016CA DeltaAnthony S Thomas7.24
6/25/2016CA DeltaBrandon M Lum7.81
6/25/2016CA DeltaMichael T Rogers7.76
6/25/2016CA DeltaKevin Nunes7.42
6/25/2016CA DeltaSean M Dryden7.36
6/18/2016CA DeltaBob Mcnabb9.42
6/18/2016CA DeltaLori Birch8.97
6/18/2016CA DeltaDustin Tacker8.89
6/18/2016CA DeltaKody G Cramer8.73
6/18/2016CA DeltaMichael T Rogers8.46
6/18/2016CA DeltaMartino H Adra8.13
6/18/2016CA DeltaBrian S Motheral8.08
6/18/2016CA DeltaMark Lucas7.84
6/18/2016CA DeltaSeth Bowman7.06
5/21/2016Lake Clear LakeThomas A Dean8.88
5/21/2016Clear LakeTimothy R Rhyme8.15
5/21/2016Lake Clear LakeSteve Thurmon7.60
5/21/2016Clear LakeChad A Matteri7.58
5/21/2016Clear LakeJohn Flynn7.18
5/21/2016Clear LakeSteven P Costello7.08
5/14/2016Lake Don PedroMichael P Soriano9.54
5/14/2016Lake Don PedroBrian Orange9.10
5/14/2016Clear LakeMichael Odonnell8.57
5/14/2016Clear LakeRon R Howe Jr7.57
5/14/2016Lake Don PedroRuss Pierson7.49
4/23/2016CA DeltaRon Barksdale10.71
4/23/2016CA DeltaKhu Yang10.15
4/23/2016CA DeltaScott Hellesen8.10
4/23/2016CA DeltaSean P ORiordan7.72
4/23/2016CA DeltaJim La Rosa7.44
4/23/2016CA DeltaMichael Birch7.22
4/23/2016CA DeltaKeith McGraw7.12
4/16/2016CA DeltaKevin Ryan9.32
4/16/2016CA DeltaChristopher R Lapoint7.86
4/16/2016CA DeltaZach Richard7.67
4/16/2016CA DeltaRobert O Kirschner7.64
4/16/2016CA DeltaEd Ortman7.62
4/16/2016CA DeltaEd D Stinnett7.61
4/16/2016CA DeltaJared Clark7.11
4/16/2016CA DeltaErik B Hornbaker7.10
3/19/2016Lake McClureJohn R Phillips8.19
3/19/2016Lake BerryessaKhu Yang7.21
3/12/2016Lake Don PedroRalph Encizo8.60
3/12/2016Lake BerryessaGary Huhtala7.75
3/12/2016Lake Don PedroChristian E Hambrecht7.07
3/12/2016Lake BerryessaJimmy Johnson7.05
1/23/2016Lake Don PerdoBill Vernon7.31
10/11/2015Clear LakeRobert J Knudsen Jr8.60
10/11/2015Clear LakeJustin T Bolen8.29
10/11/2015Clear LakeDanny Conatser7.89
10/11/2015Clear LakeAustin Wilson7.62
10/11/2015Clear LakeRonald R Pine7.60
10/11/2015Clear LakeRobert Mansor7.54
10/11/2015Clear LakeRod Burns7.40
10/11/2015Clear LakeClaudio M Silva Jr7.07
10/11/2015Clear LakePete A Rodriguez7.05
10/11/2015Clear LakeJeff Hardin Jr7.01
10/10/2015Clear LakeRobert O Kirschner8.38
10/10/2015Clear LakeEd Ortman8.36
10/10/2015Clear LakeBrian L Henry8.04
10/10/2015Clear LakeMark McCord7.58
10/10/2015Clear LakePatrick A Mateo7.40
10/10/2015Clear LakeJeff Hardin Sr7.25
10/10/2015Clear LakeMeade Hedricks7.05
8/29/2015Clear LakeTravis Bounds8.31
8/29/2015Clear LakeRob J Ohnmacht7.82
8/29/2015Clear LakeDavid Pham7.76
8/29/2015Clear LakeBill Talley7.32
8/29/2015Clear LakeJohn Bounds7.11
8/29/2015Clear LakeAnthony Crivelli7.08
8/15/2015DeltaBob Mcnabb8.77
8/15/2015DeltaMedley King7.95
8/15/2015DeltaJustin A Misenhimer7.78
7/25/2015Clear LakeTodd B Clark8.74
7/25/2015Clear LakeAlec R Pitts8.39
7/18/2015Clear LakeMario A Saucedo11.13
7/18/2015Clear LakeBrian De Silva7.74
7/18/2015Clear LakeJordan D Haley7.20
7/18/2015Clear LakeChad A Matteri7.17
6/27/2015Lake OrovilleMark McCord8.38
6/20/2015DeltaJason Hopper9.54
6/20/2015DeltaAustin Wilson8.59
6/20/2015DeltaEd Christo8.55
6/20/2015DeltaLarry Hutton7.84
6/20/2015DeltaKasey A Rhyme7.53
6/20/2015DeltaJohn Garrett7.51
6/13/2015DeltaJames K Wardell9.59
6/13/2015DeltaLarry Hutton7.89
6/13/2015DeltaJesse Hoover7.76
6/13/2015DeltaJeff Hobbs7.15
5/30/2015Clear LakeEric Boyd8.47
5/30/2015Clear LakeMatthew S Ancell8.47
5/30/2015Clear LakeMatt Dal Porto7.62
5/30/2015Clear LakeJim Malm7.07
5/16/2015Lake BerryessaJamie R Clifton9.28
5/16/2015Lake BerryessaJason Hopper7.90
5/16/2015Lake BerryessaBob G Tyler7.49
5/16/2015Lake Don PedroFrank Hartle7.01
4/18/2015DeltaSteve Budelli11.71
4/18/2015DeltaTroy Fleming9.51
4/18/2015DeltaMedley King8.63
4/18/2015Lake Don PedroRalph Encizo8.46
4/18/2015DeltaRob Rollins8.40
4/18/2015DeltaJohn Garrett8.15
4/18/2015Lake Don PedroWalt Austin8.10
4/18/2015DeltaGrant Koontz8.02
4/18/2015DeltaEd Ortman7.69
4/18/2015DeltaTimothy R Rhyme7.60
4/18/2015DeltaJustin Arellano7.35
4/18/2015DeltaMarcus A Paden7.13
4/18/2015DeltaGreg Sallee7.09
4/18/2015DeltaJames K Wardell7.09
4/18/2015DeltaJason M Vigil7.04
4/18/2015DeltaRon R Howe Jr7.01
3/21/2015Clear LakeChristopher R Lapoint10.27
3/21/2015Clear LakeJared Biddle9.94
3/21/2015Clear LakeRon R Howe Jr9.40
3/21/2015Clear LakeDustin Wilder9.22
3/21/2015Clear LakeMark Casey8.73
3/21/2015Clear LakeKyle Shasteen8.62
3/21/2015Clear LakeEric J Stafford8.57
3/21/2015Clear LakeDavid Pearl8.29
3/21/2015Clear LakeScott Gery7.92
3/21/2015Clear LakeKasey A Rhyme7.89
3/21/2015Clear LakeSteve B Hoover7.88
3/21/2015Clear LakeLarry Hutton7.62
3/21/2015Clear LakeAaron Wood7.15
3/14/2015Lake New MelonesSteve Sepulveda11.51
3/14/2015Lake New MelonesRon Ingram10.46
3/14/2015Lake BerryessaBrad Ford10.30
3/14/2015Lake New MelonesMike S Sanders9.11
3/14/2015Lake BerryessaMike Rheuby8.75
3/14/2015Lake New MelonesDavid Homen8.59
3/14/2015Lake BerryessaRich Nacarelli8.58
3/14/2015Lake BerryessaMike Angel8.02
3/14/2015Lake BerryessaTroy Deguchi7.94
3/14/2015Lake BerryessaJosh M Paxton7.27
3/14/2015Lake BerryessaJason M Vigil7.20
3/14/2015Lake BerryessaMichael German7.06
2/14/2015New MelonesCorey Lewis10.31
2/14/2015New MelonesAndrew Stilley10.09
2/14/2015New MelonesScott Summers8.45
2/7/2015Lake LopezMitch P Wasley9.10
2/7/2015Lake LopezDanny Conatser7.28
10/12/2014DeltaChristopher Nordtvedt10.25
10/12/2014DeltaChris A Lienau8.18
10/11/2014DeltaJohn Rossi8.36
10/11/2014DeltaBob Transano8.26
10/11/2014DeltaClaudio M Silva Jr8.11
10/11/2014DeltaMichael Birch7.54
10/11/2014DeltaObedie Williams7.52
10/11/2014DeltaJeff A Czapla7.43
10/11/2014DeltaMatt Clausen7.41
10/11/2014DeltaMarcus R Werner7.32
8/16/2014DeltaCameron V Cardoza8.44
8/16/2014DeltaVijay Malhotra7.59
8/16/2014DeltaMike Hamontree7.13
8/9/2014Lake OrovilleJames K Wardell7.74
7/26/2014Clear LakeJason R Wigginton8.43
7/26/2014Clear LakeKevin Ward7.77
7/26/2014Clear LakeMike W Chen7.71
7/26/2014Clear LakeMatt Leverich7.17
7/19/2014Clear LakeJason R Wigginton7.38
7/19/2014Clear LakeJosh Kaneko7.31
6/28/2014DeltaJason Hopper10.39
6/28/2014DeltaBrian L Henry9.18
6/28/2014DeltaBill Talley8.84
6/28/2014DeltaKasey A Rhyme8.80
6/28/2014DeltaKevin Ryan8.68
6/28/2014DeltaJim Griffin8.12
6/28/2014DeltaJerry G Autry8.03
6/28/2014DeltaRobert L Cloutier7.60
6/28/2014DeltaBronson Collins7.53
6/28/2014DeltaClaudio M Silva Jr7.42
6/28/2014DeltaJason Jones7.32
6/28/2014DeltaSteve Mirante7.32
6/8/2014DeltaClint Groenewold7.19
5/31/2014Clear LakeJason R Wigginton7.40
5/17/2014Lake Don PedroRobert Mansor10.92
5/17/2014Lake Don PedroSteve Melander9.62
5/17/2014Lake Don PedroRon R Howe Jr9.39
5/17/2014Lake BerryessaClaudio M Silva Jr8.93
5/17/2014Lake Don PedroRobert O Kirschner8.67
5/17/2014Lake BerryessaBrent Zieska8.10
5/17/2014Lake BerryessaJoseph Durling7.74
5/17/2014Lake BerryessaChristopher Nordtvedt7.61
5/3/2014Lake Don PedroScott Parsons12.94
5/3/2014Lake Don PedroEd Armbrister8.77
4/19/2014DeltaAdam Mc Andrews8.66
4/19/2014DeltaMichael Birch8.57
4/19/2014DeltaKasey A Rhyme8.42
4/19/2014DeltaTom M Fischer8.11
4/19/2014DeltaClaudio M Silva Jr7.93
4/19/2014DeltaJustin Steelman7.57
4/19/2014DeltaJustin A Misenhimer7.53
4/19/2014DeltaBrian De Silva7.53
4/19/2014DeltaTimothy R Rhyme7.46
4/19/2014DeltaRyan A Bottini7.41
4/19/2014DeltaTony Vaughn7.34
4/19/2014DeltaDustin D Keen7.33
4/19/2014DeltaCody Remick7.00
4/12/2014Lake OrovilleJames W Rodgers11.42
4/12/2014Lake OrovilleSteve Thurmon7.43
4/5/2014Lake Don PedroRobert L Muraco7.46
4/5/2014Lake Santa MargaritaTroy Tidwell7.05
3/29/2014Lake Clear LakeCraig Smith8.40
3/29/2014Lake Clear LakeJared Biddle8.37
3/29/2014Lake Clear LakeClaudio M Silva Jr8.06
3/29/2014Lake Clear LakeDustin D Keen7.28
3/15/2014Lake BerryessaZach Richard8.36
3/15/2014Lake BerryessaSteve E Mazzei7.82
3/15/2014Lake BerryessaRonald Rushing7.38
3/15/2014Lake BerryessaTim Masters7.13
3/15/2014Lake BerryessaTony W Gillotte7.03
3/8/2014New MelonesRich Ingram10.90
3/8/2014Lake Santa MargaritaAustin Bonjour8.82
3/8/2014New MelonesGreg Martinez7.51
3/1/2014Lake Pine FlatJustin Barton9.07
2/8/2014Lake McClureScott C Smith10.21
2/8/2014Lake LopezDustin Selck8.09
8/17/2013DeltaShawn R Taylor7.31
8/10/2013Lake OrovilleRon R Howe Jr7.54
7/27/2013Clear LakeDan Sweat7.62
7/27/2013Clear LakeMatthew S Clark7.25
7/27/2013Clear LakeMike A Henry7.20
7/27/2013Clear LakeDustin Tacker7.00
7/20/2013Clear LakeKenneth Durling7.61
7/20/2013Clear LakeRon Stover7.18
6/15/2013DeltaMark Casey8.44
6/15/2013DeltaDustin D Keen8.21
6/15/2013DeltaLeonel Brown8.17
6/8/2013DeltaDennis J Murphy Jr7.61
6/8/2013DeltaMike Delnero7.58
6/8/2013DeltaChris Chung7.45
5/18/2013Clear LakeJesse L Roach7.27
5/18/2013Clear LakeJoe Alanis7.23
5/11/2013Lake McClureGarrett Maddex8.24
5/4/2013Clear LakeAaron Britt9.45
5/4/2013Clear LakeRon R Howe Jr8.80
5/4/2013Clear LakeJohn Penman8.52
5/4/2013Clear LakeWeston Vlasache8.42
5/4/2013Clear LakeJesse L Roach8.38
5/4/2013Clear LakeAnthony Crivelli8.24
5/4/2013Clear LakeChriss K Cabodi7.92
5/4/2013Clear LakeBarb Smith7.64
5/4/2013Clear LakeRich Reeser Jr7.29
5/4/2013Clear LakeJared Biddle7.29
5/4/2013Clear LakeMike Park7.05
4/20/2013Lake Santa MargaritaJason D Martin12.28
4/20/2013Lake Santa MargaritaRobert Merino10.78
4/20/2013DeltaAlan D Frese7.83
4/20/2013DeltaLisa A Moore7.38
4/20/2013DeltaDavid Pearl7.36
4/20/2013DeltaTimothy T Liu7.07
4/13/2013Lake Don PedroTom Fishburn9.33
4/13/2013Lake OrovilleAaron Britt8.91
4/13/2013Lake Don PedroWade Chapman8.21
4/13/2013Lake Don PedroJoey A Verna Jr7.20
4/6/2013Lake Don PedroBrian Orange7.38
3/23/2013Lake BerryessaRobert Thornton7.72
3/16/2013Lake Don PedroMatt Frazier8.82
3/16/2013Lake Don PedroDavid Homen8.07
3/16/2013Lake Don PedroRobert Mansor7.79
2/23/2013Lake BerryessaDan Sweat7.47
2/9/2013Lake McClureKenny Shepherd7.83
1/26/2013Lake McClureRobert Mansor5.21
10/14/2012Clear LakeRobert T Travis8.54
10/14/2012Clear LakeBrittyn Wiggins7.60
10/14/2012Clear LakeRyan M German7.23
10/14/2012Clear LakeGerry Johnson7.19
10/13/2012Clear LakeDennis Wainwright8.20
8/18/2012DeltaRon Selk8.45
8/18/2012DeltaJeff Asturias8.00
8/18/2012DeltaGary F Svatek7.05
7/28/2012Clear LakeBobby Larson9.15
7/28/2012Clear LakeAlex Vlasache7.03
7/28/2012Clear LakeCraig Smith7.00
7/21/2012Clear LakeJeff Hardin Sr8.14
7/7/2012DeltaShawn R Taylor10.23
7/7/2012DeltaScott Burke8.21
7/7/2012DeltaTerry Flowers7.53
7/7/2012DeltaJon Dougherty7.47
6/16/2012McClureTerry M Matthews9.81
6/16/2012DeltaRonald R Pine7.28
6/16/2012DeltaKent W Hudson7.03
5/19/2012Santa MargaritaMike D Garza11.61
5/19/2012Don PedroTerry Odom10.25
5/19/2012Santa MargaritaJason Ballew10.15
5/19/2012Don PedroDon Hendrix8.41
5/12/2012Clear LakeTimothy R Rhyme9.20
5/12/2012Clear LakeJerimiah M Valador7.97
5/12/2012Clear LakeJake Arbuckle7.86
5/12/2012Clear LakeJason M Vigil7.17
5/12/2012Clear LakeTim Little7.16
5/12/2012Clear LakeCraig Smith7.08
5/5/2012Clear LakeTom W Richards7.84
4/21/2012Don PedroMike Ploharz12.95
4/21/2012Don PedroGreg S Cox12.65
4/21/2012Don PedroGarrett Maddex8.45
4/21/2012Don PedroMatt Lindsey8.17
4/21/2012Don PedroMatt Frazier7.80
4/21/2012Don PedroAndy Logan7.49
4/21/2012Don PedroScott Summers7.08
4/14/2012DeltaSteve Wilson12.01
4/14/2012DeltaScott D Norton11.98
4/14/2012DeltaMatt J Latino9.92
4/14/2012DeltaJames F Matsuoka9.80
4/14/2012DeltaJohn Garrett9.58
4/14/2012DeltaRon S Crostwaite9.18
4/14/2012DeltaCasey Dunn8.55
4/14/2012DeltaJohn Rector8.49
4/14/2012DeltaRonald Rushing8.08
4/14/2012DeltaKevin Ryan8.01
4/14/2012DeltaJohn B Loverin7.63
4/14/2012DeltaClaudio M Silva Jr7.05
4/14/2012DeltaKasey A Rhyme7.01
4/7/2012OrovilleMatt Martin8.51
3/31/2012Santa MargaritaJim Spillers7.98
3/31/2012Santa MargaritaJaime Gutierrez7.85
3/24/2012BerryessaKonrad L Rupp8.15
3/24/2012BerryessaJason M Vigil7.34
3/24/2012BerryessaHerb Peoples5.44
3/10/2012Pine FlatBrian Orange5.17