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Coming Tournaments

Central Region
Lake McClure
January 12
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Coastal Region
January 19
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Delta/Wine Region
March 2
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Mother Lode Region
Don Pedro
January 19
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Northern Region
February 23
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SoCal Region
February 16
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Making money with your Bass Cat Boats


2019 Schedule

2019 Schedule Print .pdf


2018 T.O.C.

Oct 13th - 14th


$20,000.00 Richer

Joseph Durling & Anthony Crivelli

Take the T.O.C Win on the CA Delta

with 20.23 lbs. on day one

and backed it up with

17.76 lbs on day 2.

Total 37.99 lbs

with with Durling catching the

Big Fish of the event

9.83 lbs.

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2018 OPENS


2018 The Bass Fest

Mark Casey & Ed Christo

Win 2018 The Bass Fest

with 15.84 lbs.


April 22, 2018

Rat-L-Trap Open


August 4th-5th 2018

The 17th Annual

Pro Snag Proof Open

Am Snag Proof Open



May 6, 2018

Calsteam / Ferguson

Delta Big Bass Showdown


September 8th-9th 2018

The BassFest

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