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Central Region
Delta SJ
June 20
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Coastal Region
June 12
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Delta/Wine Region
Clear Lake
May 15
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Mother Lode Region
Don Pedro
May 15
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Northern Region
Clear Lake
June 5
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SoCal Region
May 15
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BBT Clearlake Launch Facility Changes


  BBT Anglers, recently we have changed the launch location status for our Clearlake events from “ To be determined” to Lakeport, Library Park.  Upon reviewing concerns of lake water levels during this drought year, we were advised that the Lakeport launch ramp has been extended allowing for safe launching conditions during lower water level years.  This change will allow us to maintain our scheduled events through the summer as we continue to monitor water level conditions.  The City of Lakeport and Clearlake Outdoors have welcomed BBT and will be our host locations for the foreseeable future.

Thank you,

Randy and Sheri Pringle


John & Johnathon Flynn

Take the Win

with 11.33 lbs.

on Nacimiento



Danny Riportella & Tony Hunt

Win's McClure with

12.97 lbs.



Trent Vannieuwburg & Jason Minear

Win the Delta with 20.25 lbs.



Walter Kondracki & Javier Franco

Win Pyramid with 15.50 lbs


Chad & Graham Leon

take the win at McClure

14.89 lbs.


Casey Dunn & Clayton Eslick

BEAT the Delta Tide Back

with 35.06 lbs.


2020 T.O.C.

132 Boats on the CA. Delta

Brandon Gee & Duke Kanaya

WIN $20,000 at the BBT - T.O.C.

with 18.92 lbs. & 14.53 lbs. total 33.45 lbs.

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2021 OPENS

Snag Proof Open Delta

Aug 7th - 8th


The Bass Fest Open Delta

Sep 11th - 12th


Rat - L - Trap Open Delta

Nov 13th


  2020 Opens      

Delta Blow Up Pro

Delta Blow Up AM





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