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Delta/Wine Region
June 26
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Clear Lake
July 31
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July 17
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Snag Proof Open

is here

Aug 7 - 8



2021 T.O.C.

Will be held at


Don Pedro

Fleming Meadows

October 9th & 10th 2021

Take Sundays Win 

With 20.23lbs.



Adrian Murar & Tim Meeks

Win the Delta with 22.73 lbs.


Jamie Faulconer & Michael Hermann

Take's the Win

at Pyramid with 14.19 lbs.



Travis Woolf & Garett Manion

Win Nacimiento

with 13.80 lbs.


Alec Pitts & Christian Burns

Take 1st at Clear Lake

with 25.69 lbs.



Tim & T. J Sharpe

Win Clear Lake with

23.80 lbs.



Hayden Lee & Mitchell Menzes

Take's the Win

with 17.62 lbs.



2020 T.O.C.

132 Boats on the CA. Delta

Brandon Gee & Duke Kanaya

WIN $20,000 at the BBT - T.O.C.

with 18.92 lbs. & 14.53 lbs. total 33.45 lbs.

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2021 OPENS

Snag Proof Open Delta

Aug 7th - 8th


The Bass Fest Open Delta

Sep 11th - 12th


Rat - L - Trap Open Delta

Nov 13th


  2020 Opens      

Delta Blow Up Pro

Delta Blow Up AM





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