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Coming Tournaments

Central Region
May 9
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Coastal Region
Santa Margarita
May 9
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Delta/Wine Region
Clear Lake
May 16
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Mother Lode Region
May 16
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Northern Region
May 9
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SoCal Region
May 16
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Rules and Questions Frequently asked


New Update from CDFW

March 25,2020


Click link below

Current Status of 2020 Fishing Tournaments-March 23 2020.pdf


BBT will be complying to the above request.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


New dates for the Central Region Canceled Tournament from March 15th is now May 30th at Don Pedro.

The new date for the Northern Region Oroville event is July 18th.


Bruce Peters & Kyle Peters

Beat the field at Berryessa

with 15.52 lbs. 



Bryan Cox & Kevin Davidson 

Are the winners at Don Pedro

with 16.71 lbs.



Harry Delore & Brad Austin

Win at Lopez with 19.64 lbs.



Jerry Ballesteros & Keith Rini

Take the Win at Pyramid

with 15.29 lbs.



Doug Arlin & Chris Harris

on a 130 Boat field

Win Berryessa

with 18.00 lbs.





Is Back for 2020 year

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Mike Caddick and Mark McCord

WIN the 2019 T.O.C.

with 35.16 lbs.

   2020 Opens      

Snag Proof Open Pro Aug 1st - 2nd

Snag Proof Open AM Aug 1st - 2nd

The Bass Fest Sep 12th - 13th





     2019 Opens

 Snag Proof - Pro Results Link

 Snag Proof -Am Results Link

 The Bass Fest - Results Link

 Rat - L - Trap - Results Link



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