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Central Region
June 21
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Coastal Region
July 11
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Delta/Wine Region
June 27
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Mother Lode Region
June 20
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July 18
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SoCal Region
June 27
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Rules and Questions Frequently asked


Mother Lode McClure is on 6/20/2020

Central McClure is on


Hello Anglers!

Announcement about 2020 tournaments and opens:

  Snag Proof has just informed me that all opens for 2020 are cancelled due to Covid-19.  This is effective nationwide, and is a corporate decision.  They are already looking forward coming back bigger and better in 2021, with all new products and ideas for great events.


  BBT is in contact with counties regarding permission to hold tournaments.  Currently we are considered a “non-essential gathering” requiring “non-essential travel”.  The county officials have the final say, not the cities.  This is further complicated by BBT’s insurance company.  We have been informed that if we do not follow the county guidelines, then we DO NOT have insurance coverage for an event.  With the safety of the anglers, and our business, in mind we are forced to follow the rules. 


  Rescheduling events – Randy, Kevin and Chris are all working to reschedule their events.  Each county is different and, in some cases, the lakes have rules in place as well.  I urge you to keep checking back on the website ( ) for the most up to date information.  There may be Saturday and Sunday (back to back) events as we try to make up for lost time.


  TOC – there have been many inquiries about BBT’s TOC

Will we have a TOC?  YES

Due to the uncertainty of the number of tournaments we will be able to get in before the TOC, it is very likely that this year’s TOC will look very different.  The number of events that we can hold between now and then will determine the criteria for who qualifies for the event, as well as the amount of prize money given away.  If we cannot hold the “normal” number of events, the 1st place payout will not be normal either.  Rest assured that the criteria for qualification will be communicated as we start having events again. 

The BBT is sorry for the inconvenience and frustration this has caused. We are as anxious to get back out there as you all are!  We hope to see you very soon.  Keep checking back for new dates!




Clear Lake is OUT June 6th and 7th.

Nacimiento is OUT June 13th.


Link Clear Lake


BBT is still following all Federal, State and County guidelines as they apply to our circuit. 

BBT is looking into rescheduling for the canceled events and the process for the TOC.


You anglers are our family.




Mike Caddick and Mark McCord

WIN the 2019 T.O.C.

with 35.16 lbs.

   2020 Opens      

Snag Proof Open Pro Aug 1st - 2nd

Snag Proof Open AM Aug 1st - 2nd

The Bass Fest Sep 12th - 13th





     2019 Opens

 Snag Proof - Pro Results Link

 Snag Proof -Am Results Link

 The Bass Fest - Results Link

 Rat - L - Trap - Results Link



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