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Coming Tournaments

Central Region
Delta JS
August 9
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Coastal Region
August 29
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Delta/Wine Region
August 22
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Mother Lode Region
Delta SJ
August 8
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Northern Region
Clear Lake
August 15
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Rules and Questions Frequently asked


BBT T.O.C will take place

on the CA Delta


Covid -19 strikes again

Lake Piru is closed 

foreseeable future 



Fizzing fish videos


Fizzing fish in the side of fish


Fizzing fish through the mouth


T.O.C. New Up Date


Delta Blow up


Ron Howe & Michael Birch

Win with 18.55 lbs.



James Friend & John Hampel

Win with 20.79 lbs.

Bobby Herrin & Nathan Ghilotti

Win Sunday too!

with 23.39 lbs.


Bobby Herrin & Nathan Ghilotti

Win "BIG" at Clear Lake

with big fish and 29.56 lbs. 


Shad Sullivan & Troy Thomas

Win Don Pedro

with 13.78 lbs.


Joey Muniz & Nathan Reppert

Win Oroville and Big Fish

with 13.38 lbs.


Jason V & Geno K Lazzerini

Win Nacieminto

with 11.07 lbs.


Mike Caddick and Mark McCord

WIN the 2019 T.O.C.

with 35.16 lbs.

   2020 Opens      

Delta Blow Up Pro Aug 1st - 2nd

Delta Blow Up AM Aug 1st - 2nd

The Bass Fest Sep 13th





     2019 Opens

 Snag Proof - Pro Results Link

 Snag Proof -Am Results Link

 The Bass Fest - Results Link

 Rat - L - Trap - Results Link



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