Best Bass Tournament Trails Qualifications 2024

Participants and Eligibility:
A team may be deemed ineligible to fish the BBT if they have finished in the top 10 in the points race in a Pro-Am event (as a Pro) or a Team event, during that anglers calendar year. Money won from the back seat of a Pro/Am event and or any TOC may also deem you ineligible. Any individual(s) that are found to be a highly qualified team in any one Region may be asked to compete in a different Region of the BBT Circuit. All participants must be current members of the BBT to be eligible to participate. The BBT also reserves the right to ask any team that is found to be overly qualified to move up and fish at the next level, and not participate in the BBT events. Final decision of all contestants being allowed to participate will be at the tournament director’s discretion, and or BBT Advisory Board. BBT has the right to refuse a team or individual for ineligible and or unsportsmanship ( Rule 5 ). 

BBT Advisory Board:
Advisory board will be comprised of but not limited to; People in and out of our industry, Anglers, and Directors of the BBT. Board will meet every September to discuss procedures, Rule changes and Angler Eligibility for the up and coming year. Full discloser of all Decisions and Topics will be made Public i.e.; BBT newsletter, BBT website.