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Central Region
Delta SJ
June 24
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Coastal Region
Lake Nacimiento
June 9
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Delta/Wine Region
June 16
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Mother Lode Region
Delta SJ
June 23
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Northern Region
Lake Oroville
June 9
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SoCal Region
Lake Pyramid
June 23
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2018 T.O.C.

Location is the CA Delta

Russo's Marina

Sponsored by

The Hook Line & Sinker


Dale Shirley & Dave Tencati

take the win at Clear Lake

with 22.97 lbs.




Kevin Jones & David Montanari

win Lake Castaic with 15.70 lbs.


Ryan & Tim Cook

take down the field at

Don Pedro with 18.39 lbs.



James Mc Isaac & Jarrod Mertens

win Lake Berryessa with

22.15 lbs.



Jared Cook & Zacharie Schmidt

take the win with 20.88 lbd.

on Lake McClure


Graham Grove & Brandon Colombo

Win Santa Margarita

with 23.67 lbs.



The California Delta

Big Bass Showdown

Jason Hopper and Tony Clement

Win on the Ca.Delta May 6, 2018.

with 18.67 lbs. & Big Fish 7.35 lbs.


2018 Rat -L-Trap Open

is in the books!!!


Ken Lewis & Steve Langley

took the WIN on the Delta

 see more




Dave Tencati & Dale Shirley

Win the Delta with 25.18 lbs.



Nicholas Tourville & Jackson Bracisco

Win the 2017 T.O.C.

at Clear Lake with 

Day One 12.03

Day Two 25.40

Total 37.43



2018 OPENS

April 22, 2018

Rat-L-Trap Open


August 4th-5th 2018

The 17th Annual

Pro Snag Proof Open

Am Snag Proof Open


September 8th-9th 2018

The BassFest

Always support the sponsors

who are supporting you.